• Which Sport Watch to Pick

    Are you planning on getting a new watch? Are you having a hard time picking the best watch with all the options given to you? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore, because we’re here to help you. Here are some of the best choices you can get. Rest assured, getting any of this will surely put any of your outfits on top. Rolex has been known one of the best brands when it comes to watches. They sell stunning watches made out of high-quality materials.

    • Now let’s start it off with a Rolex Submariner. As what does the name suggest, this watch is perfect for activities that involve water. It comes with a rugged look that makes it a lot easier to pair with casual outfits. Then, such watch comes with a case of that runs up to 40mm diameter. It’s quite bigger compared to other watches cases because of the large bracelet lugs. Then, such watch comes in a 20mm wide Oyster bracelet. It has a satin finish on the outside link and a high polish on the inside link. What’s amazing about this is that it can extend up to 20mm of extension. This watch features the Rolex Oysterlock folding safety clasp. It has a very high water resistance. It can handle even 1000ft below water.
    • Let’s move on to the Rolex Explorer II. This sports watch is also one sports watch that can deliver you amazing benefits and advantages. If the Rolex Submariner is perfect for activities that involve water, this one is perfect for outdoor activities. It has a more classic look than rugged. This one is made out of 904L Steel that few watchmakers only use, and Rolex is one of them. Its case runs up to 39mm diameter. This watch also comes in 20mm wide Oyster Bracelet and features the same Rolex Oysterlock folding clasp. It is also satin finish on the outside links of this wash, and high polish on the inside of it. It is shock-resistant so it really is perfect for different outdoor activities.

    So if you are looking for an amazing watch, consider getting Rolex from Rolex San Diego. You can buy it at Leo Hamel Jewelry rolex submariner black ceramic. They have been selling Rolex watches for over the past 37 years.