• What Cajon Drum is best for you

    Do you have an event for some music festivals? Are you part of a certain band that plays during music festival? Then rest assured, you would need a great instrument to make people enjoy the event. But what instrument should you have? Don’t worry, because we can help you with it. All you have to do is to get your very own Cajon Drums.

    A Cajon Drum is a box-shaped percussion instrument. It is made with a hardwood and contains six sides. Each side is crafted out of a 3/4 inch hardwood. With that, it gives the instrument a more solid and secure built. It sure does produce great music.

    But before anything else, you might want to learn about good Cajon Drums on the market today.

    • If you happen to be a beginner when it comes to this instrument, you might want to consider getting a Cajon Drum with a price range of $100-$150. It can help you practice and learn fast on Cajon Drums. Now, one of the best Cajon Drums you can get with this price range is the Meinl percussion HCAJ1NT Headliner Series. It’s perfect for any beginner on this instrument.
    • Then, once you feel like your skills have improved and want to level up, you can get Schlagwerck CP404-BLK 2inOne black Edition. It has a price range of $150-$300.
    • And if you feel like you’re on the Pro-level, and wants to step up your game, get ready to invest more in different something with a price range of $300-$500. The best one you can get with this price range is the Tempo Percussion Dos Voces. It sure will give you an amazing experience.

    So those are some of the best Cajon Drum you can get on the market today. Go http://cajonguide.com/the-box-cajon-drums/ and get your own now!