• How to Sous Vide Without a Machine

    Have you ever wanted to learn how to cook sous vide but not able to due to not owning a sous vide machine? Don’t worry! Sous vide cooking is an easy and delicious way of cooking food that doesn’t require as much effort as cooking food on a hot pan. You don’t even need fancy equipment to learn how to sous vide without a machine, but all you need are the basics, which are: a cooking thermometer, a pot, a ziplock bag, and some food to cook with.

    To get started, you should prepare a water bath by filling the pot with water. Next, as sous vide is all about cooking food at the right temperature, place the cooking thermometer at the side of the pot with either a skewer or a clip clamp that’s able to withstand heat. The thermometer will be your guide in making sure that the water is at the right level of heat for the best flavors to be released.

    Once all the preparations are done, turn on the burner at medium-low and heat until the water reaches the desired temperature for cooking. A tip to get the cooking timing right is to frequently stir the water to speed things up. Before the water reached the right temperature, place the food in a ziplock bag and add butter, herbs, or olive oil if you’d like. Then, once the water is heated to the desired level, place the bag into the pot of water unsealed so that the air escapes for a while before sealing it, and then hang it by the pot with a clip.

    All that is left is to cook the food and wait until it’s done. Sous vide recipes can be easily found all over the web, and at Sous Vide Wizard (https://sousvidewizard.com/), you’ll be able to find a comprehensive collection of sous vide cookbooks and recipes. Getting started with sous vide cooking has never been easier with Sous Vide Wizard.

  • Play Animal Jam in a More Exciting Manner

    While there are already so many online games, we cannot deny the fact that only a few can attract the attention of most gamers or only a few are child-friendly. One of the few though is the Animal Jam game. This is just perfect for parents who are scared their child will be harmed online.

    Have you checked the game yourself? This is about animals of course as what the name of the game suggests. In this game, the player will become an animal of his choice. He can be a rabbit, panda, pig, tiger and so on. He will have an exciting time dressing up his avatar as well as decorating his den using the cool stuffs from the store of the game.

    For you to get access of the items in the store of this game, you need to earn gems and diamonds. For ordinary items, you can use gems and for rare items, diamonds are needed.

    Just like most online games, you will earn money every time you level up bit it is not much really. Thus sometimes, you get frustrated as it will still take time before you can get the item that you want.

    It is just a good thing there are codes you can get and redeem so you can get more gems and diamonds than what playing the game can provide and you can check here for codes. Yes, you are indeed lucky to be in this article as you can learn how to get those codes and how to redeem them.

    With more gems and diamonds, the already exciting Animal Jam will be more exciting at that! You can now make your den fabulous and other jammers will surely be envious! So get the codes now!