• The Owners of GrooveKart

    The eCommerce software platform that they have created is easier to use, better or improved version of other similar software platforms and it is also affordable. But before knowing the different capabilities of this new eCommerce software platform, you should know who the owners of this platform are. The GrooveKart is made by two brilliant persons specifically Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta. Have you ever heard of them? If not, then maybe online businesses are not your forte.

    Mike Filsaime is a digital marketing expert while John Cornetta is an eCommerce Expert. But let us talk first about Mike Filsaime. This guy owns different businesses and all of them are successfull. Have you ever heard of Kartra Webinar Jam? What about EverWebinar? Or maybe you have heard of Marketers Cruise? If you do know those companies mentioned and you are a big fan of it, then there is no doubt that you will instantly like Mike Filsaime. And that is because Mike Filsaime is the co-founder of those companies and those companies have done more than 75 million dollars in revenue. Not just that, but he has launched and sold many mult-million dollar brands all over the world. With his background, there is no doubt that no one knows launching brands better than him.

    Moving on, let us talk now about John Cornetta. Just like Mike, John Cornetta owns several eCommerce stores, and each of his stores are earning 6 figures per month. Just imagine how rich he is! It is all because of John Cornetta that the GrooveKart is complete and is able to compete with other similar software platforms like the shopify. Aside from managing his several eCommerce businesses, he still has the time to teach other people who are new to eCommerce field. So, don’t think whether their platform can be trusted or not, because of their achievements, it is a hundred percent sure that you will not regret it.