• How to Wear a Tee-shirt in Three Different Looks

    One of the most frequent item we wear every day, are tee-shirts. It’s because their easiest thing to style with and they are very comfortable. Most people think, T-shirts are for casual outings only, but it is not. What they don’t realize is that, Y shirts can be used in different occasions to. So stick around, to learn how to make three looks out of a T-shirt.

    A t-shirt can be worn in three different looks. And here’s how to do it:

    •         If you are aiming for a dressy look, perfect for a date, then all you need to do is to find a skirt that is two inches below the knee, or two inches above your knee. Once you find that, tuck your choose shirt in, then pair with some heels. Rest assured, with such look, you’ll be turning heads. You can roll the sleeves a little bit to make it look extra cute. Throw some jewelry and you are good to go.
    •         If you want to go on a casual night out, pairing it with some high-waisted pants or high-waisted shorts will do. Tucking it in front and pairing it with sneakers that complements the color of your shirt will help you a lot.
    •         If you are attending a meeting, then you would want a formal look. In creating a formal look with a T-shirt, all you have to do is to get a blazer and slacks. You tuck the shirt in, and wear the blazer. Pair it with some heels then throws a little bit of accessory.

    So those are some of the ways on how to create an amazing look with a shirt. Now, if you want to make sure that every shirt you wear is amazing, then consider acquiring services from Teesnow. They offer printing and customizing services. Now, you can make sure that whatever shirt you’re wearing will look cute and adorable.