Leadership: Can We Define It?

Leadership. It can’t be defined. What? At this time, you can find leadership”specialists” calling me names. They say I have lost my head. That is alright. It is not the first time and will not be the final signs of effective leadership.

Leadership. It can’t be defined. I will throw out a few questions I hear that direct me to this assumption I keep repeating and pros keep denying:

Why are there tens of thousands (OK, hundreds) of novels on the topic?

Why are there so many unique ingredients in direction, many that individuals agree on, a lot more which they won’t?

If you ask 10 people to name 5 traits which compose a fantastic leader, you will get 10 distinct answers.

Can there be great direction? Awful direction?

Are there any bad leaders?

If I see leadership as an optimistic, how do you have poor direction? Is not that like getting dry water?

I really could go on and on regarding the topic of leadership and the way we can not pin down its accurate definition. Why do we need also? Why is it that we always attempt to place leadership in this awesome little box and bundle it one size fits all? Why is it that we go back and forth on the cosmetics of good leaders, than attempt to build one such as were at the film Weird Science?

Leadership. It can’t be defined. It is”true” significance changes colors like a chameleon because it adjusts from situation to situation. Direction was not supposed to be defined. It may alter like Optimus. We’ve got faith in it and we all believe in it, right? It may be encompassed by fog yet concurrently crystal clear. It is all around us we can not physically see it… or can we? It is a ghost which whispers your name but you can not tell which direction it is coming from. If direction falls in a forest and nobody’s around, does it make any sound? Lincoln and Washington were excellent leaders right? Why?