Some essential tips for healthier life for teen

Frequent problems with shift work include sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, stomach upset, inner restlessness, nervousness and premature fatigue, most doctors say. For a restful sleep during the day, a quiet, darkened and well-ventilated bedroom is needed, this is to ensure that you fall asleep fast and stay asleep too. In addition, she recommends using earplugs as well as by ringer or phone caused by noise. If falling asleep is difficult, relaxation exercises such as autogenic training help. Light food is also useful for shift workers: At night, the stomach can digest heavy foods. Yoghurt, raw vegetables, and wholegrain bread, as well as two to three litters of liquid, are better every day. Exercise also promotes stress reduction and fitness. These are just some tips to maintain a healthier life when doing shift work. So if you want to check out more, then you need to read more on various Health boards.

Work and life healthy balance

Working hours make it often harder to participate in family life and to cultivate contacts. Both are extremely important for physical and mental well-being. It is advised by doctors, as often as possible, to eat together and make good use of the time with the children. If you check out teen health boards, then they would also recommend the same thing to you as well. Leisure activities are best planned by workers in changing shifts at an early stage. A favourable shift schedule with, for example, no more than three consecutive night shifts, two days off after a night’s work, weekend blocks and good predictability can reduce health and social burdens. Even a regular health check at the company or school doctor makes sense.


Most biological and psychological processes in the body follow a certain rhythm. Night work and shift work impose an unnatural rhythm on the body and thereby burden one’s health. The following tips help shift workers to cope better. It is crucial for the health of teens to follow at least a few of these tips. This is because it can allow them to live a healthier life even if they have got a shifting schedule for work or for school purposes.