Some of the Most Common Chat Acronyms

Nowadays, it is easier to meet people from all over the world. One has to only use hiss computer with an internet connection and he can already start to chat with random strangers. So if you are bored because you are usually just alone, you can just find friends online.

Before going through a random chat though, you should know the lingo that is existing online or the most common acronym they use. Check this out:

B4N – before now

BFF – best friends forever

FUD – fear, uncertainty, and disinformation

GR8 – great

IRL – in real life

ISO – in search of

LMAO – laughing my ass off

NIMBY – not in my backyard

NP – no problem or nosy parents

OIC – oh, I see

There are still a lot of acronyms that are not listed here as in fact, the in world of stranger chat, this page will not be enough to accommodate all of them. You might think that you don’t need to know them as you will just use you’re the normal language but that will not do.

Yes, and this is because your chat mate might be using it and if you keep asking what he means, you might just bore him. Imagine if someone will always ask you to repeat everything you say. It will be such a drag.

In virtual chat rooms, you can’t really expect them to be the same in the offline version. First of all, you will only see the other person via the cam. Second, everything will be abbreviated here as typing long words is a lot of hassles. Thus you really need to go with the trend.