The Different Vaporizers Available

Have you ever tried using vapor cigarettes? If yes, what kind of vapor cigarettes do you actually use? Do you even know what vapor cigarettes are? A vapor cigarette is a battery-powered device that is actually filled with e liquids. And that e liquid is the one that creates vapor.  Those users who can’t stop themselves from smoking would switch to using the vapor cigarettes. In a nutshell, a vapor cigarette is an alternative version of cigarettes.

If you have a vapor cigarette, it would be also better to buy a vaporizer. And here are some of the vaporizers available:

  • Mechanical & Box Mods – you will immediately know that this is a box mod because they resemble a cigarette pack. This is good for a user who wants to vape strong liquid. This vaporizer produces heavy cloud vapor

  • Tank Kits – this requires a more powerful battery. This is more affordable than the box mods. Tank Kits and Box Mods looks somewhat the same, people would sometimes mistake the tank kits for box mods, so you better be careful when choosing.

  • Ego Style Pens – A lot of vapor cigarette users would choose this. It offers a better quality of liquid and easy to use and operate.

  • CIG-LIKE E-CIGS – this serves as a starter pack to every new user of vape. Identifying this would be easy because it just looks like a normal cigarette.

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