The ‘Slim’ in Slim Lipo means Selective Laser Induced Melting. The distinct advantages of the SlimLipo laser lipo system include laser wavelengths that especially target fat and also optimally tighten your skin. This leads to faster recovery and also smoother, tighter results. Surgical procedure without basic anesthesia, fast recuperation and also skin tightening up are just some of the advantages of having laser liposuction surgery with the Slim Lipo system. The Slim Lipo system is additionally unique in its option of wavelengths targeted by its lasers. Various other systems operate on the 1064 nm or 1320 nm. SlimLipo concentrates on the 924 nm and 975 nm wavelengths. Why? Since considerable study located, they are the wavelengths most appropriate for targeted treatment of fat and also tightening up of the skin.

Exactly how soon will I see outcomes?

In fact, It’s now been found through repeated research studies that 924 nm is just one of the 4 prime absorption degrees for fat. 924 nm is the only readily available laser-assisted wavelength that’s even more soaked up by fat than water. That indicates the system can zero in on your body fat more effectively and specifically. Palomar, the business who produced SlimLipo, currently has licenses on both the 924 nm and also 957 nm wavelengths. Laser lipo with the Slender Lasers about Vevazz machines can also be used for restorative, tightening of skin to fix or improve your past lipo results.

The capability of the SlimLipo to deal with patients that have unsatisfactory liposuction arises from locations of loosened skin or contour irregularities is a major advance. This provides a restorative choice for those that’ve experienced less effective procedures from other specialists and also lipo systems. The laser technology made use of in this makes it much more much safer method as the blood vessels are sealed when they are reduced.