Using Snapchat to Start Friendships

Snapchat is an instant messaging app and a social platform that is getting increasingly popular by the day, especially with young teens and adults. The app features sending ‘snaps’ to your friends, which are photos or videos that disappear after a certain hour. Both the photos and videos can be specialized with emojis, texts, and stickers before sharing to others. Snapchat is a fun and trendy place for people to express themselves and it is also a way for them to meet new people as well. Snapchat allows users to share their own Snap QR Codes by easily customizing them with either adding a bit-emoji or a photo of themselves within the code, or they could simply share their usernames for others to find them.

An easier way to acquire new friends on Snapchat is by going on to, a site that collects – snapchat friends & usernames for others to find. The site divides the users into different genders and the conversations they will be looking for with a stranger. Instant messaging has gained popularity in also sending sexually explicit messages to others. allows you to choose if you’d prefer to have a friendly chat or a more intimate conversation with another person.

Once decided, you will then be presented with a list of different people and their profiles where you will be able to choose which usernames you’d want to search on Snapchat later to begin a conversation. Snapchat users can also register themselves into the website by filling up a simple registration form that requires their username, gender, and a brief description of themselves. is a great place to start communicating with others outside your comfort zone, and who knows? You might end up finding someone compatible with you from across the world.