The other domino games that exist but haven’t heard or known are also found online like these are the block domino games.

  • Blind Hughie
  • Block dominoes
  • Concentration
  • Cyprus
  • Fortress
  • Sebastopol
  • Tiddly-A-wink
  • Tiddly wink

Then there are the dominos based on the points such as all fives, all threes, Bergen, flower and scorpion, muggins, and sniff. There card domino games like the forty-two, moon, Texas 42. The other world versions such as build up, Chinese dominoes, solitaire, triominos. Play online with agen dominoqq.

The game consists of the following steps

  • Shuffling of the dominos
  • Beginning the game
  • Drawing the tiles
  • Placing the first tile
  • Placing the subsequent tiles
  • Drawing the tiles
  • Ending the game

Most of the games have the similar basic version of play and you could understand these steps to go on and play most of the domino games. You can have all variations of  the game of dominos on agen dominoqq.

Before the game begins the need to shuffle the domino cards or tiles is important. This is done by turning them face down and moving them around randomly. The boneyard or stock is the collection of shuffled tiles put together. When you begin a game of dominos, who will play first is the question that normally arises. The person who has the heavier domino gets to play and the game moves in the clockwise direction as each player gets a single turn to open and place his/her tile in the formation.

A player can see his/her own tiles but not his/her opponents as they are placed on the edge. But there is a need to guess your opponents’ tiles will requiring skill and practice to get to that level frequent playing will teach you to get hold of the game. The need to finish your tiles faster than the opponents is the aim of the game. When a person is not able to make a move, then they will have to pick from the stock or boneyard, till there are no cards are left. If the game is blocked when no other tile can be played.