Why You Should Adopt from Animal Shelters

Going around Singapore, you may have seen posters and signs such as “Puppy for sale Singapore”,  “Adopt a Dog Singapore”, or “Poodle Singapore for sale”. Dogs are a popular companion in Singapore and have been especially adored in the year 2018 as it is the year of the Dog in the Chinese zodiac calendar. However, instead of purchasing a dog from a pet store, why not consider adopting one from an animal shelter instead?

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Singapore is one of the country’s most popular shelters that brings in stray dogs, bathe, neuter, and vaccinate them before giving them up for adoption. The sad truth about animal shelters is that as they are often a non-profit organization, they would often rely on donations from the public to be able to purchase food for the huge number of shelter animals. By adopting an animal from the shelter, you immediately save a life. Statistics show that in America, up to eight million dogs wait hopefully for someone to adopt them from animal shelters. Unfortunately, those who aren’t adopted within a given time are euthanized due to overcrowding within the shelters.

Other than that, shelter animals are healthier than other animals in stores. This is because shelter animals will need to go through full physical inspection at the veterinary clinics in order to detect any possible medical issues that may be spreading around town. Before releasing them for adoption, the shelter staff will check if the shelter animals are fit and healthy to be adopted.

While animals sold in stores also need the same joy of getting a new owner, shelter animals have a higher risk of being unable to be adopted, therefore making a majority of the shelter animals depressed. Consider adopting from the animal shelter. Not only will you have a happy dog in your care, but you have also saved a life.